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Glorietta Scene


(I forgot to change the setting from B to Normal shots)

Security Guard
(Got exposed, it caused the white shadows)

Little Girl

These are the 5 shots that turned out ok, out of 16 shots. Yes yes, I suck at this, I promise next time!

By the way, the thing I said about not using B/W films, I just got so desperate, and this is the only film the nearby store have. Then the night of the day I too these shots I got my colored film, which is worst. All of my shots on the colored film sucked, 5 came out on the CD, the 9 shots wasn't there due to lack of lighting, and the 5, sucked really bad.

I'll make it up on my next film, I told you, I'm still a newbie. :)

Black and White Captures

"Vintage-ably" Wrecked

Yosi Break
(Lack Lighting)

Past Time
(Lack Lighting)

The Dog
(Too Dark)

Taft Ave.


Morning Traffic

Abandoned Swing
(Mirror Image)

Abandoned Swing
(True Image)

Eaten By Light
(Actually I didn't know where the white part came from.)

Mamang Jeepney Driver


Sorry if the lighting of some of the pictures is too dark, I completely forgot about it, I took those shots late in the afternoon, and it was a gloomy day, so there was no sun literally. But hoped it gave a gloomy feel to it. haha. No specifications of the pictures was put, because these shots were captured about two weeks ago already, can't remember the settings I used. And I will never use black and white films again, why? First, its just more fun using a colored film and second, it cost me Php270 for it to be put in the CD, and the time it took me to get it is so long, it took me a week to get it. Unlike when I use colored films, I can get it immediately after two days, and plus free delivery to the house. Don't want to use B/W films again. haha.

Why I bought it in the first place? I accidentally bought it, I was trying to find a nearby store which sells 120-format films, then I stumbled upon a camera shop, then luckily they have those kind of films, but when the clerk was doing the receipt for it, that's when I saw the print in the box, that says, Black and White film. Though I hesitated on still buying it, I gave it a shot, and wallah, cost me more money and time. Bummer. And the pictures? Turned out just OK.

+ To have a better look of the photos, click each photo to see it in a bigger scale.

First Holga Photos

Electric Post at DLSU
-Cloudy Setting
-One Person Zoom

Room TV
-Cloudy Setting
-B Exposure (1 minute)
-One Person Zoom

Rooftop Garden
-Sunny Setting
-One Person Zoom

Rooftop Garden Flower
-Sunny Setting
-One Person Zoom
-Multiple Exposure Effect (3 consecutive shots, revolved)

Playground See Saw
-Sunny Setting
-Two People Zoom
-Multiple Exposure Effect (3 consecutive shots, slightly angled)

Small Coconut Tree
-Sunny Setting
-Mountain Zoom

BMW in Garage
-Sunny Setting
-One Person Zoom

Sorry if the photos aren't that good, its my first time, give me a break. hehe. And by the way, I don't know why the other pictures I took was gray in the CD and the others weren't there. Didn't I push it well or my setting wasn't right or did the developer wrongly processed it? I don't know, I'll try again after I buy a film, I'll post new photos maybe next week, Friday or Saturday. Hope you come back for more. :)

Comments are highly appreciated.

+ To have a better look of the photos, click each photo to see it in a bigger scale.

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